Cette plante est bien adaptée à la vie en pots et en conteneurs et ajoutera une touche méditerranéenne chaleureuse à n'importe quel jardin

Olive Trees For Sale (Olea europaea)

Olive trees, delivered to your door, will bring a touch of stunning Mediterranean warmth to your garden. Their beautiful green leaves look fantastic all year round, and olive tree topiary makes a stunning focal point for any outdoor space.

Olive trees make a fantastic addition to any garden and thrive in almost all conditions. Their evergreen leaves and slender trunks make them perfect for topiary, or as a stunning natural bush. At Top Topiary you can have a range of olive trees delivered to bring some Mediterranean style to your garden.

Olive trees are one of the oldest symbols of peace, friendship, and prosperity. Although synonymous with the Mediterranean region, they are some of the most robust trees, able to survive and thrive in most climates. Olive trees are well suited to being planted in pots, or any well-drained soil.

Olive trees look beautiful in all outdoor settings. Whether as a focal point for your patio, or as a striking pair flanking your entrance way or garden path, they add a touch of elegance and warmth. Topiary olive trees come in a range of styles and standards, including corkscrew olive trees or lollipop olive trees, providing ornamental structure to your garden.

At Top Topiary we offer a number of stunning olive trees for delivery which will make an impact on any garden project. Have a look at our current stock and get in touch - we’d love to help find the right plant for your space.

What to expect from your olive tree

Our expert staff will ensure that your tree is in beautiful condition and that the olive tree topiary looks stunning from the moment you receive it. We include plant food with every order which will ensure that the new focal point for your home or garden gets the very best start.

Olive trees’ green leaves look beautiful all year round. In summer, the tree produces small white flowers, offering an extra splash of life to your garden. In the right conditions, and with a bit of luck, your trees can produce delicious olives, even in the UK!

Olive trees are very adaptable. They work well in a pot or planted in well-drained soil, and grow best when kept well watered in a sunny, sheltered spot. They can cope with cold weather too, and even frost. However, you may need to protect them if you’re expecting extremely cold temperatures. Generally, if you keep them well watered, with plenty of drainage, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful plant all year round. Find out more in our Olive Care Guide.