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Citrus Trees For Sale

Our citrus trees, delivered to your door, will add stunning colour and fragrance to your garden, and every year give you a fresh bounty of delicious fruit. Topiary citrus trees make a beautiful centrepiece to any garden.

Citrus trees will make a great addition to your home & garden, and will produce fruit even in the UK. As long as they’re protected in the worst of winter weather, they will reward you with evergreen colour all year round, and delicious citrus fruit every summer.

All of our citrus trees are evergreen, making them perfect as a striking ornament for your patio garden. Our topiary citrus trees add a beautifully designed focal point to any outside space. Whether you have a lemon, lime or orange tree, every spring you’ll be greeted by a stunning white blossom with a delicious, sweet fragrance.

We have a range of citrus trees available for all tastes. Our lemon trees will produce delicious fruit in summer, ready to be picked and sliced, juiced or zested into your recipes. Having a lime tree in your garden will give you sweet, fresh limes every summer to add to your drinks and dishes. Our orange trees will bring delicious fruit and delightful, vibrant colour to your garden.

Whatever your tastes and preferences, we have the citrus tree for you. At Top Topiary whether you’re looking for a lemon tree, lime tree, orange tree, or even some citrus tree topiary, we’d love to make one of these beautiful plants work for your outside space.

What to expect from your citrus tree

Our expert staff will ensure that your citrus tree is in beautiful condition and that the citrus tree topiary looks stunning from the moment you receive it. We include plant food with every order which will ensure that the new focal point for your home or garden gets the very best start.

Citrus trees are evergreen, meaning you can enjoy their leaves and topiary all year round. In the spring you’ll be treated to stunning fragrance from beautiful white flowers. In summer, even in the UK, the citrus tree will produce delicious fruit for you to enjoy.

Lemon trees, lime trees, and orange trees are all best kept in a pot. This is because although they survive well in the UK climate, they should be protected through the winter, ideally indoors.

Other than keeping them protected from the harshest winter weather, citrus trees are easy to look after, follow our citrus care guide and you’ll have a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding plant for your home.