Avec son habit de croissance soigné, cette plante est un choix fantastique pour ajouter un design vivant et une sculpture à votre jardin

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Box Plants For Sale (Buxus sempervirens)

Box topiary adds a touch of style and sophistication to your garden or patio. The striking, formal design of buxus balls or cones provides year-round interest to your outdoor space.

Buxus topiary makes a fantastic, eye-catching addition to any garden. Easily shaped into a range of designs, their dark-green leaves stand out all year round whether on a patio or in a garden border. At Top Topiary we have topiary buxus plants for sale to suit any outdoor space.

Commonly known as box or boxwood topiary, these evergreen shrubs have become a much loved addition to gardens across the UK. Their dark, glossy leaves and slow, dense growth habit make them an ideal species for using as low formal hedges or for topiary sculpture.

Simple shapes including box topiary balls, pyramids and cubes can be easily achieved by even novice gardeners. For those of you with a flair for clipping, buxus is the ultimate plant to add living design and sculpture to your garden. Box topiary plants can also add elegance and interest to your entrance ways and garden paths.

At Top Topiary we have box topiary cones, box balls, box pyramids, and a range of other shapes available for sale. We’d love to hear about how these stunning and striking plants could make an impact on your garden project - please get in touch and we’ll find the buxus topiary plants that will work for you!

What to expect from your box topiary

Our expert staff will ensure that your plant is in beautiful condition and that the buxus topiary looks stunning from the moment you receive it. We include plant food with every order which will ensure that the new focal point for your home or garden gets the very best start.

Your plants will look fantastic all year round thanks to their beautiful evergreen leaves. Buxus plants are slow growing, meaning that they require very little maintenance to look their best. In spring, they produce attractive, small, yellow flowers which will add a splash of colour to your outdoor space.

Buxus are extremely adaptable plants which can easily be taken care of whether in borders or planters. Partial shade is preferred although they are tolerant of sun. Keep them well watered during the growing season and feed with a slow release fertiliser. Mulching in spring will help keep the soil moist and enrich the soil around your plant. To retain the shape of your buxus, lightly clip twice during the summer growing season (June-August) using topiary shears. View Our Buxus Care Guide