Caring for Olive Trees

Common name Olive Tree
Latin name Olea Europaea.
Description An elegant, slow-growing evergreen plant. The olive tree has grey-green leaves and tiny, fragrant, creamy-white flowers followed by edible, green fruits which slowly turn black in the autumn.
General care Water well in the summer but sparingly in the winter.
Pruning Trim or pinch out shoots during the summer months to retain a balanced shape.
Feeding Feed 2-3 times during the spring and summer with a general purpose fertilizer.
Soil Fertile and free drained soil.
Aspect Prefers a sheltered spot in full sun.
Hardy Established olive tree plants are generally tolerant of light frosts and temperatures down to freezing and olives are able to live outdoors all year in milder parts of the UK. Winter protection may be required during prolonged cold spells. Move into a sheltered area for protection. Can also be brought indoors and placed in a light, airy, well lit spot such as a conservatory or greenhouse.
Flowering Flowering period - summer.
Flower colour – cream, small flowers are lightly scented.
Flowering is followed by the olive fruits.