How to Care for Yew Topiary

Common name Common or English Yew
Latin name Taxus Baccata.
Description Evergreen trees or shrubs of rounded habit, with narrow and dense, leathery linear leaves and, on female plants, conspicuous fleshy red arils surrounding the solitary seeds.
Height / Spread Ultimate height: 15m.
Ultimate spread: 12m.
Time to ultimate height: 20-50 years.
Pruning No regular pruning necessary, but can be trimmed and shaped in early summer as the new growth fades from bright green to dark green. Yew's often second flush of growth in mid-season. To keep their neat appearance, they can also be pruned again in mid-to late August.
Pests May be attacked by tortrix moth, vine weevil, gall mites and scale insects.
Diseases May be subject to phytophthora root diseases.
Toxicity Most parts, especially the seeds, are highly toxic by ingestion.
Soil Acid, alkaline or neutral. Well-drained. Chalk, light clay, loam or sand.
Aspect All aspects. Sun, shade or partial shade. Well drained soil. Exposed or sheltered.
Hardy Yes.
Evergreen / Deciduous Evergreen.
Suggested uses Hedging / screens or low maintenance.