A fantastic feature plant that is perfect for adding structure, fragrance and a touch of elegance to any garden

Bay Trees For Sale (Laurus nobilis)

Bay trees make a stunning addition to your patio, garden, or entrance way. Whether you want a natural plant, or beautifully sculpted topiary, our bay trees, delivered to your door, will add real elegance to your home.

You might know bay trees from their leaves, which are used as a deliciously fragrant kitchen herb, or as the elegant and formal lollipop bay trees which flank so many beautiful doorways. At Top Topiary we have a range of bay tree standards for sale to suit any garden or entrance.

Also known as sweet bay or bay laurel, our aromatic, dark green bay trees will make a welcome addition to your outside space. Their evergreen foliage can be kept neatly trimmed to create dramatic bay tree topiary, or left longer between clipping to create less formal features.

Bay standards work beautifully as a focal point in the garden or as stunning pairs to frame doorways or garden paths. Bay trees are hardy and versatile plants, which require minimal maintenance whether grown in containers or the ground.

Top Topiary offers a great variety of standard bay tree options, with plaited, corkscrew and lollipop bay trees for sale. We’d love to make one of these beautiful plants work for your garden, so get in touch today for all your bay tree topiary needs!

What to expect from your bay tree

Our expert staff will ensure that your tree is in beautiful condition and that the bay topiary looks stunning from the moment you receive it. We include plant food with every order which will ensure that the new focal point for your home or garden gets the very best start.

Bay trees’ aromatic, dark green leaves can be enjoyed all year round, whether pruned to an attractive bay standard or left to grow naturally. Delicately scented creamy white flowers appear in spring followed by striking black berries in autumn. These harden to form attractive grey/brown seed pods which look stunning amongst any bay topiary throughout the winter.

Bay trees are extremely easy to take care of. They are happy in full sun or partial shade and enjoy a moist, free draining soil. Bay trees grow well whether in a container or in the ground, meaning they can enhance the look of any outdoor space. Bay trees are hardy to -5 degrees Celsius, but extreme cold winds can damage them, so it’s best to keep your bay trees in a sheltered position through the winter months.

To keep them at their best, simply keep your bay trees well watered during the growing season and feed them with a slow release fertiliser. To retain your standard bay trees’ beautiful topiary, lightly clip them twice during the summer using secateurs. View Our Bay Care Guide