How to Care for Bay Trees

Common name Bay Tree
Latin name Laurus Nobilis (aka Lauris Nobilis)
Description Evergreen trees or shrubs, with leathery aromatic leaves useful in cooking.
Height / Spread Ultimate height: 12m
Ultimate spread: 12m
Time to ultimate height: 20-50 years
Pruning Bay trees need very little pruning and can be left to their own devices in most cases. Remove diseased, damaged congested or crossing shoots. Shoots that are growing in unwanted directions can also be pruned out. Do this in late winter or early spring, unless late summer or early autumn pruning is specified to avoid bleeding and facilitate rapid healing of cut surfaces. Flowering occurs on previous or current year's growth.
Pests Bay trees can get bay sucker, horse chestnut scale , soft scale and tortrix moth
Diseases Powdery mildews and a leaf spot may be a problem with bay trees
Soil Acid, alkaline or neutral. Well-drained. Chalk, clay, loam or sand
Aspect All aspects. Sun or partial shade. Well drained soil. Exposed or sheltered site
Hardy Yes
Evergreen / Deciduous Evergreen.
Fragrance Foliage
Suggested uses Coastal, hedging / screens or low maintenance