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Ligustrum delavayanum
Liver Bird Topiary Sculpture
15L 80cm


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A stunning handmade topiary sculpture of the mythical Liver Bird.

  • Made from specially grown Ligustrum delavayanum plants
  • The sculpture is 80cm high and 65cm long excluding the height of the pot
  • Easy to care for, no specialist knowledge required

Delivered in 2-3 Weeks 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee SKU: ST-6004


A stunning handmade topiary sculpture of the mythical Liver Bird

This famous symbol of the city of Liverpool can be traced back to the 17th century when the bird was first referenced as a cormorant found in the coastal waters of the city.

Inspired by an earlier commission which was very well received we are producing a limited edition run of Liver Birds.

For a short time only you can get a living Liver Bird sculpture. A sculpture that will add an exquisite talking point to your garden or patio.

Made from Ligustrum plants grown specially over many years

Each sculpture is 80cm high and 65cm long excluding the height of the pot. It’s made from Ligustrum delavayanum plants that we specially grow over many years, exclusively for topiary sculptures, so that we can ensure their quality and care.

We have an extra large Liver Bird also available.

Easy to maintain, no specialist knowledge required

Also known as box-leaf privet, these hardy evergreen plants are perfect for topiary sculptures as they are highly durable, immune to box-blight and easy to care for.

After our topiary artist completes the sculpture, no specialist knowledge is required to maintain it, so this piece is suitable for all types of gardener.

Both novice and experienced gardeners will derive great pleasure from the calming and therapeutic process of clipping back the new growth in order to maintain the famous Liver Bird shape. You don’t have to worry about clipping too much as a steel frame will provide a guide and help you to keep your Liver Bird looking great.

A limited edition run

As this is a limited edition run each Liver Bird sculpture will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity signed by the sculptor.

We love the modest history of the beautiful and symbolic Liver Bird, and we know this topiary version will look great in your gardens and that you will enjoy caring for it for years to come. Just like the birds that adorn the Liver Building, we hope this will also watch over your people and your prosperity.

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